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Saturday, 25 August 2012

Yesterday’s Prayer Walk

Yesterday I was feeling fed up. I don’t know why I felt like this - in fact, I had good reason to feel the opposite - but that just made me feel worse. I decided to go for a prayer walk and spend some time with God. Particularly I wanted more clarity and understanding, and so as I walked I asked Him for guidance, both for life in general and about what direction to head in. I took my camera with me to capture anything that I felt drawn to along the way.

This is a visual summary of my prayer walk:

A collage of photos taken on my prayer walk: a grasshopper, a church, a slug, reflections of trees on the river, a bench plaque inscription reading ‘A different class altogether’, thorns, a tree covered in red blossom, the underneath of a bridge, and bottle tops pushed into the mud.

I did not get specific answers to my questions on this walk. Instead, I felt a vague sense of God telling me to trust Him more and stop worrying, to which my initial response was not very appreciative! In fact, my thoughts for the majority of the walk were quite melancholic. However, my perspective gradually changed as I took in the world around me and I began to feel calmer. Eventually more positive emotions began to surface. Towards the end of the walk it started to rain, but by then my mood was so improved that not even getting wet could spoil my joy (although what I was happy about, even at the time I could not have told you).

This walk was an enlightening experience in so many ways. I saw much that I usually miss out on in my more usual haste to get from A to B. Thank you, Lord, for opening my eyes, and help me not to forget the sights and thoughts I encountered on this walk. Amen.

FairyJo! x