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Monday, 30 January 2012

Valentine Pressies All Bought!

I am pleased to announce that all Valentine presents have been bought, and only one is yet to arrive in the post! :) Not sure when I'll have time to wrap them, or to sort out the card, but so pleased with myself for being as organised as this. Life is still hectic, you see, and likely to stay this way for a few months, yet, and I know I've been missing birthdays recently (sorry if I missed yours!).

I was a little disappointed when opening a package that arrived today. It contained one of the aforementioned Valentine gifts, but the box had an annoying price sticker on it that refused to come off. Finally, after much fiddling, scratching and lightly dabbing with soapy water, I think I removed all traces, but it took much longer than any other sticker I've had to remove. Why would you stick a price tag on something someone's bought online??? If I bought it for me, I already know the price, and if I bought it for someone else, I don't want them to know how much it cost!

The present contained within is very cool, though. :) I can't wait to give it (and the others) to my lovely boyfriend!

FairyJo! x