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Sunday, 29 January 2012

An Attempt to Stargaze

Yesterday, neither of us had much time during the day, so we decided to leave our Weekend Walk until the evening, when we would see if, clouds permitting, we could walk to a suitable spot to look at the stars. When we left the house at about 8:15pm, we were pleased to find the sky pretty clear with the brightest stars twinkling away above, but nearby streetlamps were spoiling the view. We made our way to a quiet footpath to look for somewhere more suitable, but this was more challenging than we had anticipated!

Finally, we came to a grassy area where the side furthest from the footpath looked pretty dark. However, as we started to cross the grass we discovered that recent rain had caused the ground to become much more boggy than usual. We found a relatively solid route that led us halfway across, and looked up, only to discover that the sky was half covered in clouds by this time. We admired the Big Dipper, Cassiopeia and Orion before deciding to try again on a clearer night when we could drive out to Exmoor, (an International Dark Sky Reserve) and have a better view of the whole sky.

Thus, our walk was short, cold and not very successful - although we did get takeaway on our way back home, which was a pleasant treat!

FairyJo! x