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Friday, 06 January 2012

Barnstaple Christmas Lights Stroll

This post is very late, sorry, but I've been busy. Still, better late than never!

On Monday, Jon and I went for the first of our 2012 Weekend Walks. In case you don't know, last year Jon resolved to regularly go for walks, and so the Weekend Walks tradition was born. Being that the weather was rather cold, windy and changeable, we decided not to go too far for our first walk this year, and instead strolled into Barnstaple on Monday evening to admire the Christmas lights before they come down again. There was a noticeable lack of over-the-top house displays on our route into town, which was good to see. I like a good Christmas lights display, but the simpler the better (and also kinder to the planet). Once in town, we walked up and down the streets to look at the displays put up by the council, which did not particularly grab us - perhaps we've seen them too many times before?

We decided to have some dinner whilst in town and so stopped in The Watergate. The food was ok, although there were some issues (initially the bacon and cheese burger had no bacon or cheese, and a jacket potato was not very hot), so we decided to head to Lilico's afterwards for dessert and drinks. And we're very glad we did! Not only was the chocolate fudge cake delicious, but they were playing some fantastic music in there! Apparently it was from the album Black Sands by Bonobo. One for the wishlist!

After enjoying our dessert, drinks and the music, we walked home. :)

FairyJo! x