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Sunday, 02 October 2011

Heads or Tails

Yesterday, Jon and I fancied a walk in the lovely early-evening sunshine, but only had a couple of hours free before dinner so couldn't go too far. We decided to wander into town, but to make the journey more exciting, we decided to do things a little differently...:)

Years ago, when I was a Girl Guide, the junior leaders once tried to take a group of us girls for a walk around where we lived; they thought it would be fun to decide the route by tossing a coin every time we reached a place where there were two or more options. This did not work very well at the time as someone lost the coin whilst deciding which of about four routes to take... but I always thought it might be fun to try again (with fewer people). And so that's what we did yesterday!

Jon and I flipped a coin every time we reached a place where we had to make a decision about which way to go. We also decided that any route that took us back where we'd come from was off-limits. And so we meandered about, taking a rather unusual route into town! :) I did feel a little self-conscious at times, standing on street corners to toss (and, quite a few times, drop) the coin, but on the whole it worked well: we walked through places we had not visited in quite a while, admired views we often overlook, and had lots of laughs!

Finally, after an hour of aimless wandering, we felt thirsty, so we flipped the coin to decide which of two nearby pubs we'd stop in before heading back home. The coin cleverly chose the one with a lovely beer garden! :) And, having enjoyed our drinks, we returned home by the direct route for dinner!

And tonight: barbecue! :D

FairyJo! x