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Wednesday, 28 September 2011

Beating The Traffic!

On Saturday, Jon and I went for a walk with my mum & brother. You may remember that, back in April, I went for 2 walks in Bushy Park: one with family through the Woodland Gardens, and one with Jon in both the Woodland Gardens and the new-ish Water Gardens. Well, Mum told us she had never been to the Water Gardens, so last Saturday we showed her where it was.

We started out by car, as Mum was concerned about the time. However, we quickly returned home and set out again on foot when we met the traffic. It was so bad, Mum decided we'd be quicker to walk! Jon and I decided to see if walking really would be quicker, by counting cars as we passed them. First, we noted the numberplate of the car level with my parents' road. We quickly became five cars ahead of this car, but then the traffic began moving and we found ourselves about three cars behind. Then the traffic stopped again, and the contest was over from this point on, really. We were 101 cars ahead by the time we reached the traffic lights, and 127 cars ahead when we reached the roadworks that were causing the problem! Ok, so once we got past the roadworks, we lost that impressive lead, but we still easily reached Bushy Park before the car that had been level with my parents' road could catch us up.

We did not see any deer this time. We did see some adorable kids chasing one another on their bikes, though. We walked around the outside of the Woodland Gardens and then continued up to the Water Gardens. While my brother took photos, Jon and I walked around with Mum. She was surprised to find out it even existed - it was first opened to the public in 2009, having become overgrown and silted up during the 20th Century.

We were quite thirsty after our long walk, but according to the maps there is no cafe or kiosk in this part of Bushy Park. Instead, we left the park and popped into a nearby pub for cool, refreshing drinks. Afterwards, we walked home; due to time constraints, my mum and brother took a quicker way back than Jon and I. Autumn had begun in earnest along our route: the pavements were covered in crunchy leaves!

All in all, it was enjoyable 6 mile walk, and a good way to revive our Weekend Walks! :)

FairyJo! x