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Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Braving The Weather

Jon and I haven't done a proper Weekend Walk since returning from holiday (which I still have not added to the Photos section yet!). However, last Sunday, we did brave the wind and drizzle to walk across town for a drink at a pub we haven't been to in a while: the Rolle Quay.

As I said, it drizzled for most of the journey there, but there was also the odd sudden downpour! We had thought of heading to see a standing stone that Jon found in Pilton last week, but decided instead to dry off in the nice, warm pub and watch the squirrels go by outside the window (yes, a squirrel ran down the road while we were there!).

Jon had a pint of Dartmoor (last tab on that webpage) whilst I enjoyed a G&T. Our drinks were lovely, the pub was warm and comfy and the landlord was friendly. :) It was a lovely way to while away the afternoon, and by the time we finished our drinks the weather had calmed down just enough to allow us to get home unscathed.

Hoping for better weather next weekend!

FairyJo! x