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Sunday, 17 July 2011

Walking Around Bristol

I have been meaning to blog about what I was up to while Jon walked 20 miles in Avebury, but it's been a busy week so today is the first chance I've had to write up my adventure! I did briefly consider going with Jon to Avebury, looking around while he did the walk and joining him for the evening concert, but then he told me how early he was leaving... so, instead, I stayed in Bristol for the weekend.

On a rainy Saturday morning I started my day by heading to the Arnolfini, where I bought a gift for Jon, as well as a little something for me. As I left, I heard some music drift across the harbour from the Amphitheatre, so I went to investigate. A choir was rehearsing there, and raising money for Water Aid, so I listened for a while and gave a small donation.

Next I made my way to the Harbourside Tourist Information shop where I found another gift for Jon and a fun way to spend a few hours: A Murder Mystery Treasure Trail of the Old City of Bristol.

After leaving the Tourist Information shop, I set off for the starting point of the trail, but stayed a while at Cascade Steps to peruse the Eastern Cape from Above (South Africa) exhibition there. The photos were fantastic & I learned there is actually a place called Collywobbles! This pleases me immensely (it's a little family joke, just ignore me). :P

The Murder Mystery trail started at St John's Gate & took me through the city, along many familiar roads and some less so, for an hour and a half, until it finished at the Cloaked Horseman statue. I was amazed to discover so many sights I had previously overlooked! I was particularly impressed by the clock with two minute hands, and surprised to find I had never noticed it before!

As I finished the walk and discovered the 'culprit' of the fictional murder, the sun broke free from the clouds. It quickly became quite hot! I decided to go and find somewhere to have lunch, and chose some light bites at the Llandoger Trow. Down the road, at the Old Vic, there was an outdoor rehearsal of Treasure Island. The temporary wall structure in place blocked most of the view, but the music carried across to where I sat and sounded superb!

Having eaten my lunch, I could not resist popping over to the Apple for a Bristol Pimms. :) While there, I had a pleasant conversation with a couple of other patrons, before heading to Broadmead for a spot of window-shopping and some peaceful contemplation at John Wesley's New Room. Finding too many long queues, I did not stay out much longer that day.

Another fun thing going on in the city right now is the Wow! Gorillas exhibition organised by Bristol Zoo. Several gorilla statues have been placed around the city. I had spotted some on Saturday, and on Sunday took Jon around the city to discover more.

We also had a lovely lunch at Azuza, had drinks at the Apple and yummy ice cream (covered in chocolate!) from the little kiosk on Welsh Back, before leaving the city for home (oh, and we stopped at the Fisherman's Cot for dinner).

It was an enjoyable, relaxing weekend; I may not have walked as much as Jon, but I did traverse the city quite a lot and discover some wondrous sights along the way. And I certainly had a lot of fun!

FairyJo! x