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Sunday, 22 May 2011

Church Outside @ Wistlandpound Reservoir

Today's Weekend Walk was with Church Outside. We went to Wistlandpound Reservoir for a fun walk and a discussion on John 14, verses 15-21.

The reservoir looked quite low, despite the rain last night (which admittedly was the first in quite a while, but sounded very heavy!). We walked along and had conversations in small groups until we reached a gazebo. Here, we split into three groups - kids, teens & adults. The kids got to play games, while the teens and adults read & discussed the Bible passage.

Us adults talked about the relationship we Christians have with God, and how this emphasis on relationship must have been very strange to Jesus' disciples, as the Jewish Pharisees placed such great importance on obedience to the Law. We also debated the difference between believing and knowing God, and agreed that the Spirit in us reveals His Truth to us.

After this discussion, Jon left us all to walk home (part of his training), while we continued to stroll around the reservoir. The children enjoyed all the activities along the way. We decided to picnic around the wooden toadstool seats, where I enjoyed some delightful chats with a couple of the children. We pretended pine cones were bumble bees and shared crisps. :)

Finally, we noticed the time and began to head back to the cars. In a conversation along the way with one of the children, I learnt that skin has many layers but doesn't contain a toy shop, which is why it's not very interesting. I also learnt that all you need to do to have a superhero alterego is put the hood of your coat over your head, but don't put your arms in the sleeves, and then run very fast!!

We both had a lovely time. But Jon got home around four hours after - and a lot more exhausted than - I did. :P

FairyJo! x