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Sunday, 15 May 2011

Wood Barrow, Long Stone & Pinkery Pond...

Yesterday, Jon and I went for a walk on Exmoor. We parked at the Black Venus where we had a delicious lunch, and then set out along the road, in search of the footpath that would take us across fields to Wood Barrow. It was a sunny day on the whole, but there was a chill wind that caused shivers whenever we paused for refreshment or to consult the directions. Having watched the Princess Bride the night before, I was somewhat reminded of the fire swamps as we traversed the fields.

Upon reaching it, we climbed to the top of Wood Barrow to admire the views and decided to trek to the nearby Long Stone to take some more photos. There were a couple of places on the way where I was glad I had made the decision to wear my wellies, but for the most part the ground was dry. The stone itself was an intriguing shape and looked a little top-heavy. Jon wasn't surprised that it was still standing in place, though, as he reckoned it was so firmly stuck in the peat that it would never move!

Next we decided to return to Long Barrow and head in the other direction to Pinkery Pond. This lake was beautiful! Such blue waters! Jon especially loved it here as he found it so peaceful and quiet. We sat on the grass nearby and watched a buzzard hunting its prey in the distance while clouds sped past overhead.

Suddenly the wind increased. We realised that it was getting late, so we retraced our footsteps back to the car to head home. I look forward to exploring Pinkery Pond in more detail upon another Weekend Walk sometime soon...:)

FairyJo! x