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Monday, 02 May 2011

5 Sides of a Hexagon to the Pub!

So, this weekend, as part of his training for his sponsored walk in July, Jon needed to go for a 13 mile walk. Graham was visiting and was happy to join him, but I didn't fancy the whole 13 miles. They devised a route that was really three walks: one into town and back, one very looooong walk to the pub and a shorter walk home again. I let them do the first part without me, hoping it would be longer than the 3 miles it actually transpired to be.

And so, I joined them to walk 5 sides of a hexagon to the pub. Up some very steep hills. I am silly!

We walked to Venn and passed by the quarry to Landkey. I haven't been there for a while and had forgotten how lovely some of the houses are. We marched on through the village to Swimbridge. There was some kind of party at Swimbridge, with a punk band on a stage in a field. Jon and Graham walked slower as we passed by to listen.

As we walked via Hannaford to Bishops Tawton we encountered some very steep hills! Every time I thought we'd managed the worst part, we saw another hill we needed to walk up! I started to worry that we'd never reach the pub!

And then it began to rain lightly. Graham and Jon were pleased; I used my umbrella. I may also have grumbled a little under my breath about my legs aching. ;)

Finally, after seven miles, the pub was finally in view! We hurried into the Chichester Arms in Bishops Tawton for refreshments and food. I drank the most delicious Pimms ever (never have I needed one so desperately before!) and ate some lovely whitebait.

And then we walked home - the quick way, this time!

FairyJo! x