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Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Bushy Park again!

On Easter Sunday, Jon and I went for a seven mile walk. We walked to Bushy Park (yes, that's right, I also went here with family on Good Friday), and saw rabbits along the way - I think they were celebrating a job well done. ;)

Once we reached Bushy Park, we were greeted by deer (they were much closer than on Friday and I got photos this time!). We entered the park and strolled around while I tried (and failed) to get my bearings. We then found a map! We entered one of the enclosed woodland gardens and walked along part of the path I'd done just a couple of days previously. While here, I showed Jon the totem pole!

After enjoying a different walk around this woodland garden, we decided to head in the direction of the new(-ish) water garden, which I had never visited before. We admired the water cascading down from the top lake to the bottom and then went to see what sights could be found on the nearby section of Longford River, from where water for the pools was diverted. We were very excited to see a heron! He may have been the same one I saw on Friday, but it is more likely he was a friend or relative as he seemed much more shy; he flew off the moment Jon had his camera ready. :P

After this excitement, we found our way out of the park and began the walk home. On the way, we spotted a blue plaque on a house, so crossed the road to take a closer look. Turns out, it was Alan Turing's old house. I used to drive past that house quite a lot, a long time ago now, and I never knew that!

Then, by a different route to the one we'd come, we made our way back for dinner. :)

FairyJo! x