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Saturday, 23 April 2011

Family Day Out in Bushy Park

Yesterday, I went to Bushy Park with my family. We went to the new café (it was new to me - I've not been in years, though used to visit very regularly as a child) for a small bite to eat, and then strolled around the park.

There were quite a lot of people there - some were even in bikinis sunbathing! Everywhere we looked, we saw big smiles as children ran around having fun. As we passed a stream, two boys came over carrying a smaller lad by his arms and legs. The oldest boy explained, "He's been a very naughty boy, so we're going to throw him in!" However, moments later we saw them chasing the littl'un again and he didn't look wet, so he must have escaped (whether he was recaptured & punished accordingly, I do not know).

The wildlife in Bushy Park is beautiful! At this time of year there are large swathes of bluebells around, which look and smell amazing! We also saw the giant rhubarb, but it didn't look quite so huge as when I was a little child - apparently, it will get larger later in the year! :P

There were lots of birds around. I was slightly disappointed not to see a woodpecker again, but the heron we saw walking in a stream more than made up for it! The fella came really close and posed for several photos before flying off suddenly when he got bored.

There were a couple of Egyptian geese resting in the shade of a tree as we walked past, too. Mum was particularly intrigued by these two; she wanted to know if they were ducks or geese. Well, we looked them up and, while they are called Egyptian geese, they are apparently closely related to the shelduck.

On our way back to the café to get ice cream, we witnessed a very ugly row between two Canadian geese couples, presumeably over territory. It went on for several minutes, both in the pond and on the nearby bank, and they scared some children who had been playing nearby. One of the geese was certainly not going to back down! Finally, one couple were evicted from the pond and the victorious two honked after them and looked pleased with themselves.

We ate our ice creams (I had triple chocolate, mmm!) and went back to the car to go home. On the way out of Bushy Park, we were treated to the sight of deer! What elegant creatures! The perfect way to end a wondrously pleasant day out!

FairyJo! x