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Monday, 18 April 2011

Feeding Fish at Marwood Hill Gardens

Our season passes for Marwood Hill Gardens ran out yesterday, so we popped in on Saturday to spend a lovely afternoon there. We took some bread for the ducks, but we gave far more to the fish!

We first fed the smaller fish in the lower, smaller lake, and some ducks joined us for a bite. I laughed as the fish attacked the bread like piranhas would attack their prey! It was comical!

On we walked from there, around the lake, back to the statue of Dr James Smart and up the hill to the circular bench, where there were fantastic views! We sat here for a while, enjoying the sunshine and making fun of each other. :)

When we decided to go back downhill, we traversed the biggest lake and fed the massive carp in there. The waters bubbled and rippled as the fish went into a frenzy, swarming over one another for the bits of bread. Some even charged over from the other side of the lake, creating large wakes. I took loads of photos, but was a little afraid of what might happen if I fell in, so didn't get too close.

Having used up all our bread, we walked on and eventually returned to the entrance. Around the gardens, we saw bluebells, beautiful bleeding hearts, snowdrops, Vinca major hirsuta and lots of blossoms. It was lovely! Can't wait until next time!

FairyJo! x