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Thursday, 14 April 2011

A Mini-Holiday-Adventure in Bristol!

For the last two days I have been traipsing around Bristol on a mini-holiday-adventure kind of thang... I thought I'd share what I've been up to.

Well, obviously, one of the first things I did once here was go to Lush! Check out their Japanese aid soap - all the money from this limited edition soap will go directly to Peace Boat who are currently working hard to transport aid to and cooking hot meals for those affected by the earthquake in Japan.

Another of my regular Bristol stops is John Wesley's chapel, the New Room, where I was hugely impressed by the new courtyard garden (sorry, I can't seem to find any photos online, so you'll have to go and see how lovely it is for yourself!).

I also ventured into new territory to track down the Barton Manor shop of Emmaus Bristol (one of twenty Emmaus communities in the UK). After browsing the wares, I chatted with a couple of people working there and was really pleased to hear about the good work this charity are doing in Bristol! If I lived in Bristol, I could well have bought several items of furniture (there's a lovely pine dining table with four chairs on offer there at a bargain price!), but I'm just a visitor and we've not enough room in the car, so I kept my purchase small.

Whilst idly wandering the streets of Bristol, I met an individual who was passionate about another charity: Action for Blind People. Apparently, one of the many, many services this charity provide is youth clubs for blind and partially-sighted teenagers; these youth clubs are able to provide them with opportunities to take part in activities they often don't otherwise get to experience. However, the future of these youth clubs is uncertain and they need more donations.

Yesterday's plans initially seemed scuppered, when I discovered that the Red Lodge is closed until 23rd April. On a whim, I popped into the Bristol City Museum and Art Gallery, instead, and what delights awaited me there! Having been before, I decided to head straight for the temporary exhibition area, and found that the Wildlife Photographer of the Year exhibition is currently on show there (and will remain until June 5th!). I was blown away by so many of these fascinating images! If it comes to a city near you, make sure you find time to check it out!

I finished yesterday's adventures with the Slave Trade Audio Tour (downloadable near the bottom of the webpage). I spent an enjoyable two hours learning about how Bristol profited from the slave trade, and about the prominent members of the city who campaigned either for or against its abolition (and some who switched sides). My only criticism of the audio tour was that I found it difficult to follow the directions on several occasions; several roads were lacking in signs and the instructions on the audio tour were sometimes misleading, to say the least. The map I had with me wasn't all that helpful in ascertaining where I was meant to go, either. Despite this, I did somehow find may way round, only getting lost twice (and not for very long, either time).

I wonder what adventures are in store for me today?

FairyJo! x