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Tuesday, 15 March 2011

Tarka Inn to Velator Wetlands

On Sunday, Jon and I continued our series of Weekend Walks. This time we decided to drive to Tarka Inn (I still prefer its old name, Heanton Court!), and go for a walk along the Tarka Trail to the viewing platform at Velator Wetlands.

It was a pleasant walk in sunshine, and the Tarka Trail was somewhat busy, with quite a few families out on bike and on foot. We enjoyed the views of the estuary as we walked and chatted. When we passed Chivenor, we were pleased to see the old Sea King helicopter. I realised I had forgotten my camera, which was a shame.

At Velator Wetlands, there was just one woman with her son watching (and saying a loud hello to) the birds. Jon and I went down into the boat-shaped platform to get a really good view. A coot came up quite close! As well as a couple of coots, we saw a swan, several ducks (mostly mallards, I think) and lots of seagulls. We also realised we had forgotten to bring any bread (why do we always forget bread for feeding the birds?).

After a while, we decided to head back to Tarka Inn, where we had something to drink while we sat in the sun. Jon calculated how far we had walked, using one of his iPhone apps, and apparently we walked a greater distance than last week, but it was much flatter terrain!

As I get fitter, I'd like to try walking (or cycling, maybe) all the way from Barnstaple to the Velator Wetlands viewing platform, perhaps sometime after the clocks go forward (not long now!), and next time I must NOT forget my camera - or bread for the birds!

FairyJo! x