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Sunday, 13 February 2011

Hobbits in Burrator Reservoir

Yesterday, Jon & I drove through Dartmoor for a fun day out. We stopped in The Plume of Feathers in Princetown for a late lunch. We had a cheeseburger, Hunter's Chicken, bread and butter pudding & chocolate fudge cake - and it was all delicious!

Then we drove on to Burrator Reservoir for our walk. We had intended to try a longer route nearby(ish), but it was later than we realised and we didn't have enough time for our original plans. Burrator Reservoir was a superb alternative!

We felt as if we were characters in The Lord of The Rings as we circled the reservoir. We could imagine rowing along and looking up at The Pillars of the Kings. And the woods were very like the woods where Merry & Pippin were kidnapped by Uruk-hai. Then, as we tried to cross some muddy streams, we pretended we were Frodo & Sam on their way to Mount Doom, wondering how we'd ever make our way back. Finally, we reached a part of the woods where trees had been cut down. We kept quiet as we hiked through, making believe we were Merry & Pippin trying to convince the Ents that we weren't orcs.

It was lots of fun, and when we finally returned home we were both very tired out from all the excitement! We'll have to go walking on Dartmoor again sometime soon for more adventures!

FairyJo! x