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Sunday, 30 January 2011

Marwood Hill Gardens in Winter

Marwood Hill Gardens is one of Jon's favourite places; he used to go there as a child with his mum and walk Dr Smart's dogs. We decided to have a short walk around there today to admire the lakes, watch the ducks (they seemed cross that we forgot to bring them bread again) & see what Winter was doing around the place.

Frozen blades of grass crunched underfoot as we strolled about to investigate. All the benches have been put away, and the flowers are sleeping, too, except for some snowdrops starting to peep through here and there. The lakes were partly frozen, but the ducks seem to be swimming around ok, as was the one Canadian goose we saw. We also chanced upon a new (to us) statue of two children playing, in a part of the gardens we don't explore very often.

Jon was more adventurous than I, and he marched up the hill for a better view. He was rewarded for his efforts by the discovery of a new spiral bench! And after he returned from such dizzying escapades, we returned to the car and went home.

FairyJo! x