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Sunday, 16 January 2011

Sunday Stroll About Barnstaple

2011 Weekend Walk #3 was shorter than the others. We went for a walk around Barnstaple & stopped in a pub for a drink & quick bite. Jon had a fishcake, I had 6 onion rings. The pub was ok, except for an annoying & constant noise like windchimes in a strong wind.

The walk, short though it was, had its special moments. We walked through Rock Park, where the rain had made the grass even greener than usual. We saw Queen Anne & the Barnstaple Mosaic - Her Majesty had no snow with which to play on this occasion and so looked somewhat bored. Most special of all, however, we heard the Albert Clock chime the hour twice!

Hope you all had a pleasant weekend, too!

FairyJo! x