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Monday, 03 January 2011

Simonsbath in Snow

Jon and I decided to go for a Bank Holiday walk today. We decided semi-randomly to head to Simonsbath. I looked online for pubs on Exmoor we'd not been to, and then found a walk near to one (it turned out the pub was closed, though). For those interested, our walk was a variant of this Exmoor walk.

Just before we left the house, it started to snow. It stopped shortly after we began our walk at Simonsbath, but quite a lot had settled there (none seems to have settled here - the ground's too wet, I s'pose). It made the woods and fields look very pretty, but there was also a fog that meant we couldn't admire the apparently stunning views.

The best bit of the walk was when I got stuck in a stream/bog. Being cold and snowy, I had expected the ground to be somewhat firmer than it was, and seeing as I was wearing wellies I decided to be adventurous and walk through the muddy stream. Jon, being more sensible and not wearing wellies, found a safer way to cross. I managed to make it most of the way across without too much alarm but upon reaching the other side both feet became quite firmly wedged. Before Jon could offer assistance I succeeded in getting one foot up on the bank, but the other leg was stuck in the mud almost up to the top of the welly (luckily, it was not sinking, just stuck). Jon had to rescue me. :)

As a result of this experience, I thought of a new resolution to add to the others I made on Saturday - to not grow up. As it seems that I've failed to show any signs of maturity so far in my life, this might be a resolution I can actually keep! :P

The rest of the walk was lovely (if a little squelchy at times) & we both took photos, so mayhap I'll put some online sometime.

Hope you all enjoyed the Bank Holiday, too!

FairyJo! x