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Wednesday, 10 October 2007

Green Light for Devon Wind Farm!

The proposed 22-turbine, 66MW wind project at Fullabrook Down was yesterday approved by the government. These will generate enough electricity to power around 30% of the whole of North Devon!

The go-ahead was announced at the wind industry annual conference in Glasgow by Energy Minister Malcolm Wicks, who said, "Fullabrook Down will make a substantial contribution to meeting Devon's renewable target of generating 151mw of renewable electricity by 2010 and would be nearly double the North Devon District Council's target of 36mw."

I'm pleased about this. The only reasonable objection that I can see to the placement of wind farms is their impact on local wildlife. This is one of the reasons for an environmental impact assessment. It is often for this reason that wind farm applications are turned down. As long as the necessary precautions to avoid a negative impact on local wildlife have been identified in the assessment and are strictly adhered to, I think it will be fantastic to have this wind farm in Devon, and I know many people who agree.

However, there do seem to be some who disagree, and as usual, they seem to be making the most noise locally...

North Devon MP Nick Harvey was "shocked" at the decision, apparently. North Devon District Council was also "deeply disappointed and concerned" at the news, while Devon County Councillor Andrea Davis said that the news was a "devastating blow for the area" - she even added, "This is going to affect the entire character of North Devon as these turbines are going to be visible right across the area. I really feel that we should be seeking a judicial review against the decision."

I hope that they are unable to reverse the decision, and I hope that the wind farm proves all the doubters wrong and makes North Devon an even greater place to live. Say YES to Wind!

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