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Sunday, 28 January 2007

Sun, Sea & Crochet

As some of you know, Jon and I were on holiday recently. I have been hard at work today preparing some photos to share with you, but they're not ready yet, so I thought I'd share something else holiday-related with you, instead:


Yes, I took some wool and a crochet hook on holiday and was not idle with my time! Look:

a view of the purple shawl stretched out on the floor, plus another of the shawl across my shoulders and back. It is triangular shape and is made of light purple wool, with a darker purple, fluffier wool around the edges.

I made this shawl on holiday and wore it out on New Year's Eve! It didn't take long and I did most of it while sunbathing by the swimming pool. Mum said it looked like a large pair of knickers, which I thought was mean, but she liked it when it was finished.

That was all I made on holiday, but the day after we came back, while suffering from jetlag, I made this:

a drawstring bag made of light purple, dark purple, blue and turquoise wool, with dark purple strap/drawstring.

It needs some more work: a base inside to help keep its shape, and a stronger strap than the drawstring. But it's good and I like it. :)

Both of these were adapted from patterns I found on the Internet: Crochet Shawl with Love Knots and Free Crocheted Beach Bag Pattern. So, if you want to try something similar, take a look and have a go! :)

BTW, did you know that airport officials consider a crochet hook a dangerous weapon and won't allow you to take one in the cabin? I put mine in my luggage, but I carried a pen onboard, which was about the same length, and far pointier. No one quibbled about that. Ho hum!

FairyJo! x