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Wednesday, 30 November 2005

A Few Facts About Wind Power

It seems that 'anonymous' would like some facts on wind power. So far I have been trying to concentrate on providing links to the facts for people to make up their own minds, but I suppose I can do both. Let's look at a few facts about wind power:

FACT: "The energy generated by wind turbines pays for the materials used to make them in a matter of months, according to three separate European studies."

FACT: The UK has a more energetic wind resource (and therefore higher capacity factors) than many other countries.

FACT: The biggest threat to UK bird populations is climate change.

FACT: By supporting wind power, you can help support emerging renewable energy technologies.

FACT: Wind farms are not noisy. - The real proof for this one, as I have said before, is to go and see for yourself.

FACT: We need to do something NOW.

I'll leave you with that little lot to think about for now. I need some sleep. Goodnight!

FairyJo! x