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Wednesday, 26 October 2005

NEVER hire a van from Enterprise!!!

Ok, rant commencing...

Neither Jon nor I are 25 yet (Jon turns that age next week), and we needed to hire a big van to move most of our stuff to Devon. Most companies (possibly all) refuse to rent out such vans to people our age. Jon researched online for a company who would. One such company called Enterprise said on their website that they did. They also have depots in York and Devon and allow dropping off the van.

Jon called them two weeks before we wanted the van to check the info and to get a quote. The lady on the phone said that, yes, for a price they rented out to under-25s and would allow us to drop the van off in Devon. So, after a bit more looking around, Jon called back about an hour later to book the van for the Monday that has just passed. She said sure fine, gave Jon a lot of details and said it was booked, he'd just have to appear on the day between 10.30 and 11.30am with ID.

Jon did this. Enterprise had no record of the booking. They said we needed a booking number. The woman on the phone did not give Jon anything of the kind. Enterprise also said they do not hire out to under-25s and they knew no company that did. Basically, they couldn't help, but they could give us two transit vans for an exorbitant price. Surprisingly, we didn't take them up on that offer.

If it wasn't for Jon's friend Sam, and the fact that it's half-term, there would be no way we could have got our stuff down on Monday. As it was, due to having to secure another van, we didn't arrive until 1.30am on Tuesday morning. Then we slept, unloaded, and managed to return to York by 6pm.


So, now I'm cleaning our old flat. It's really odd, there's no furniture and so much empty space here (and rubbish).

Our troubles aren't over yet. BT are now causing a few problems, but they are at least being helpful, so things should get sorted. We hope.

The moral of this story - NEVER hire a van from Enterprise. They are an awful company. They don't know what they're talking about. They could very well leave you high and dry, even though you make sure you've organised everything in plenty of time. If you are foolish enough to use them, don't say you weren't warned.

One last thing:

THANK YOU SAM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

FairyJo! x