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Thursday, 16 February 2012

A Valentine's Treat: The Sculpture Park near Farnham

On Tuesday we found time to visit The Sculpture Park near Farnham. We have been here once before, years ago, and we love Broomhill Sculptures Gardens in North Devon, so we were looking forward to this Valentine treat. And it was fab!

We arrived about two o'clock in the afternoon. At the reception, we paid the admission (6 for adults, 3 for children and senior citizens, and children under 5 years old are free!) and were given a sheet with information about the statues, plus the route to follow. Off we went!

There were far too many sculptures there to remember all of them, but some definitely deserve a special mention. Here goes:

Our favourite sculptures of 'people' included Blast Figure by Halliday Avray-Wilson, Predator by Mister Boy, Elise by Guy Buseyne, Splatt by Robert Bradford and Family of Five by Paul Margett. There was also a fabulous little fella called Volkswagon Man, but I cannot remember the sculptor or find any reference to it on the Internet, so you'll have to visit this place to see just how lovely he is! Amongst the vast myriad of animal statues, our favourites included a white rhinoceros and preying mantis by John Cox, an iguana by David Cooke, two cheetahs by Jan Sweeney, some excellent dragons, and a collection of dinosaurs called Jurassic Park by Wilfred Pritchard.

And that's not all! Sea Saw by Paul Cox was a boat balancing on the blade of a saw to create a clever play on words. There were also a number of giant Venetian-style masks by Diane Coates that I adored. Bluebells by Jenny Pickford was massive and yet still captured the delicate beauty of my favourite flowers. Resonance by Phillip Thompson was fascinating - due to its use of angled mirrors, it looked so amazingly different from every angle! There were two marbled gherkins (shaped liked the building in London) that really caught my eye, but I cannot remember the artist's name, sadly. And there was a giant wind chime to play with, which was a lot of fun! :)

We also saw some familiar 'faces' from Broomhill Sculpture Gardens - one was a unicorn that I noticed missing at Broomhill on our last visit, and the others were sculptures by Bill Harling, whose work Jon and I find particularly intriguing!

Before we walked around the park, we visited the hotel across the road for a drink, and found it very pleasant. It even had two large dog statues outside. In fact, our entire day out was simply wonderful and we very much enjoyed ourselves. If you're ever in the area, you really must find time (about two and a half hours is required to get a full flavour) to visit The Sculpture Park near Farnham.

Have fun!

FairyJo! x