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Monday, 03 May 2010

My May Day Bank Holiday Weekend

Mum & Dad came to stay this weekend. They arrived on Saturday at 9am, I told them the plan... and they (well, Dad mostly) changed it. But fun was had by all!

Here's what we got up to:

On Saturday we headed to Ilfracombe for the Landmark Beer Festival. Dad was not impressed by the use of plastic beer 'glasses', despite the fact that every outdoor event uses them these days. Still, there were other things there to amuse them: Mum & Dad bought themselves lots of fudge and sweets!! I thought the whole event was worth it, just to hear Jenna and Amy Newton perform together. I also got some CDs. :D

We also went to the Ilfracombe Aquarium, where we saw a friendly ray and Mum nearly got bitten on the nose by a dogfish! Oh, and I had a mocha here - they still make the best! Dad then insisted we went for cream tea at Chambercombe Manor, where I've taken them before. While they both mightily enjoyed their cream teas, I had a huge slice of chocolate fudge cake - yum!

We went into Barnstaple in the evening, and had a delicious meal at Jalapeno Peppers. Despite the weather forecast, the only bit of rain we saw that day was after we got back to mine.

It rained again on Sunday morning, but the sun returned after church. We went for Sunday lunch at the Ebrington Arms in Knowle before driving to Halsdon Nature Reserve for a walk - I was glad I took my wellies! We didn't see as much wildlife as we'd hoped, but it appeared that neither had anyone else that day - in the hide there was a blackboard which read "Saturday: heron, Sunday: crow, pigeon".

That evening we were quite tired from the walk, so I made us all fruit salad and we watched 12 Angry Men, starring Henry Fonda. It's a fab film, and I highly recommend it!

This morning I was woken earlier than I'd hoped so we could go for a walk along Crow Point. It was lovely and sunny, but the wind was chilly! Mum and Dad began their journey home after this, so I was left to tidy the house and sit in the garden for the rest of the day.

The weekend's been fun. I hope you enjoyed yours, too! :)

FairyJo! x